Here are some commonly asked questions to help with your electrcial needs in Melbourne.

Yes, electrical maintenance is important for businesses as well home owners. It helps to ensure the safety of employees and residents, prevents expensive equipment repairs or replacements, and increases the lifespan of electrical systems—which is all good news for your bottom line. These failures endanger the lives of employees, customers, and families. Businesses that schedule regular electrical maintenance can discover and fix potential problems before they cause trouble or dangerous situations.

In the face of an electrical emergency, we recommend you 

  • Not to touch the affected electrical system like loose wires  
  • Switch off the main power  
  • Vacate the area to maintain a safe distance. 
  • Call our emergency electricians for immediate help. 

We will try to reach the job site as soon as possible.  

We provide services throughout the entire Melbourne metropolitan districts and suburbs.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help so you can find the right cleaning service for your needs.

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If your home is older than 25 years and hasn’t been inspected in some time, you should have a professional inspection done. But there are other times when having an inspection is valuable as well. The following are the optimum times to have an inspection performed: 

  • Before you buy or sell a house, 
  • If particular power outlets are extremely hot to the touch or if electrical components emit a weird burning odor, 
  • Following a house remodel or the addition of a room, 
  • Following the installation of an HVAC system 
  • If power outages, fading lights, and tripped circuits are becoming a regular occurrence, 


For a thorough check, Luno Electrical Melbourne inspects the exterior of the property to look for any signs of damage that could cause short circuits or electrical fires. We also check the meters, internal wiring, and fuse boxes to make sure everything is in good condition, from switches to sockets, from power points to lights. This would not only save you money on repair costs but also give you peace of mind about being safe and secure in your own home.

Safety switches are a must in any home. They are an easy way to protect your family, friends and pets from an electrical fire. Safety switches should be installed on all power sources (light fittings, electrical appliances, power tools etc.) in your home to help prevent electrical fires and burns caused by power surges or short circuits. Call us or visit your local hardware store if you are unsure how to install them.

As one of the best electricians in Melbourne, we are committed to providing excellent service at a fair price with high quality materials. Get a free quote today. Importantly, we do not charge anything beyond what we have previously discussed with our clients.