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Because the 90s called, and they want their switchboard back!

Looking for the best switchboard upgrades and repairs in Melbourne?

Melbourne switchboard upgrades, repairs, and safety switch installation and testing services provided by Luno Electrical, are all designed to provide your property with maximum safety protection. Did you know that it’s estimated 85% of houses in Melbourne have switchboards with no safety switches? This is not only dangerous; it is no longer compliant with the latest AS/NZS 3000:2018 electrical standards.

If you’re on this page you’ve obviously got questions about electrical switchboards. Read our post below for a comprehensive review of what you need to know.

Switchboard Upgrades and repairs: Because the 90s called, and they want their switchboard back!

Author: Andrew, Founder and Director, Luno Electrical. Registered Master Electrician (no: 25989).


Ever felt like your house or business is the tech equivalent of wearing parachute pants in 2023?

Maybe it’s your ancient switchboard. We’re diving deep, and in this post, we’re navigating the wild world of switchboard makeovers.

So, grab your electrician goggles and let’s roll!

Is My Switchboard Outdated? Signs and Symptoms.

  1. It’s got ceramic fuses. You know, the ones your grandpa always said were “good enough for his time!” (see image below)
  2. Your house parties go dark because the switchboard can’t handle the literal energy.
  3. It buzzes like an angry bee.
  4. The lights flicker every time you use the toaster.
  5. It’s more than 25 years old, which means it’s also probably still waiting for a fax to come through.

Did you also know that not upgrading your switchboard might make your insurance company giggle (not) if there’s an electrical mishap? Say no more.

Ceramic Fuses: The Dinosaurs of Electricity

Once upon a time in the 1990s, ceramic fuses were the ‘it’ thing. They trip when they’re stressed out – sort of like us without coffee. If your home’s seen more than a few decades, and you haven’t had a switchboard upgrade, those ancient fuses might still be lurking.

In switchboard fashion, ceramic is so last season! Replace them for a trendier and safer model, preferably one that doesn’t treat electricity like a wild rodeo.

Ceramic fuses in old electrical switchboard

Choosing Your Switchboard: What to consider – The Electric Catwalk

When shopping for a switchboard, imagine it’s a game show:

  1. Capacity: How many circuits can this bad boy handle?
  2. Amps: Does it give enough electric zing for your gadgets?
  3. Dimensions: Does it fit, or will it stick out like a sore thumb?
  4. Enclosure: Is it tough enough to withstand your cat’s occasional swipes?


Finding Your Switchboard Soulmate

Seeking a switchboard is like dating. Ask an electrician friend (like us!), check reviews, and don’t settle until you find “the one.” And when you do, make sure the installation is smooth, like a first dance.

new electrical switchboard

Switchboards and 3-Phase power – what do I need to know?

Imagine your switchboard as the kitchen of a bustling restaurant. Upgrading to a 3-phase switchboard? That’s like going from a lone chef cooking pancakes on one skillet to a trio of master chefs, each whipping up gourmet meals on their respective burners.

Why Your Electric Kitchen Might Crave a 3-Phase Upgrade:

  1. No More Waiting for the Soufflé: With 3-phase power, there’s never a hold-up in the kitchen. Even if one chef decides to step out for a breather, the other two are still flambéing and frying away!
  1. Heavy-Duty Appliances Need Gourmet Power: Got a commercial-grade mixer, a giant oven and a seriously large air conditioning unit? Maybe a Tesla that you want to charge fast (see our Tesla charging calculator)? They don’t want microwave-level power; they want the full Gordon Ramsay rage in electric form which is what 3-phase delivers.
  1. Sleeker Wires: Sharing the power among three chefs means the kitchen utilities can be more efficient, neat, and tidy.
  1. Your Gadgets Stay Fresh and Zesty: Serve them consistent, balanced power, and they won’t burn out or fry prematurely. Think of 3-phase as the secret sauce to longevity.
  1. A Gourmet Experience for Tomorrow’s Kitchen, Today: Upgrading to 3-phase is like getting that ultra-modern kitchen gadget everyone’s talking about before it’s even on the shelves.

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade, That is the Question:

Thinking of switching to 3-phase? It’s a bit like deciding whether to make that jump from amateur home-cooking to opening your very own bistro:

  • Hunger & Needs: Do you need non-stop gourmet power, or are you fine with the occasional burnt toast?
  • Consult a Switchboard Sous Chef: Talk to a pro (like us!). If they can explain the intricacies of 3-phase power AND crack a good egg joke, you’re onto a winner.
  • Check Your Electric Recipe Book: Upgrades aren’t free. Ensure your energy budget isn’t just beans on toast.

In a nutshell, if your electric kitchen is ready for a taste explosion, a 3-phase switchboard upgrade might just be the seasoning you need! 🍳🔌🍝

Switchboard Upgrade Costs: From Budget Friendly to Big Spender

  • Basic fuse box upgrade: Like getting a new haircut. ($1,000 – $3,500)
  • A full makeover, including new mains and swanky switchboard: Like a spa day and wardrobe overhaul. ($5,500 – $7,500)
  • The three-phase extravaganza: For when your home wants to flaunt. ($6,600 – $8,900)

Remember, these are ballpark figures. Actual prices may vary based on your situation. We are happy to provide you with a free quote to give you a much clearer idea of what it will cost for your situation.

Old School Cables & Asbestos Drama

Like reruns of ancient TV shows, some old homes come with drama. Old cables and other vintage quirks might need an upgrade too. If your cables look like they’ve seen better days, better get them TV show-style makeover. If asbestos is present that opens a can of worms because of health hazards you’ve no doubt heard about.

Switchboard Bling: Circuit Breakers, Safety Switches & RCDs

Think of these as the jewellery for your switchboard. They keep everything looking good and working safely. And most importantly, they make sure you don’t get a shocking surprise!

The Final Spark

Upgrade your switchboard and bring your home into the 21st century. No more dark parties, buzzing noises, or waiting for faxes. Contact us at Luno Electrical for a free quote, where we give switchboards (and bad electric jokes) the love they deserve. Whether it’s a new circuit, or just some switchboard TLC, we’ve got your back. So, call us!

Switchboard Upgrades & Repair FAQs

You could, but we strongly advise against it unless you’re a fan of unexpected fireworks.

If your switchboard is 20+ years old, it’s high time for a check. For newer boards, whenever there’s a significant change in electrical load.

Ignoring flickering lights is like ignoring a bear in your backyard. It might not bother you now, but it can lead to 'shocking' consequences.

Because playing with electricity without expertise is a recipe for disaster. Also, your cat shouldn’t be your electrical assistant.

Typically, a few hours. Just enough time to binge-watch a couple of episodes of your favourite show!

Nope! Circuit breakers protect your circuits, while safety switches protect you from electric shocks.

Not directly. But it'll reduce the risk of electrical issues, which can prevent potential costly damages.

Switchboards shouldn’t audition for ‘The Voice’. If it's buzzing, it's time to call an electrician!

We work all over the Melbourne metropolitan area. You can learn more about the areas we service here.

Not necessarily! It really depends on how fast you want to charge your electric car. Our Tesla Home Charging Calculator will give you all the details but essentially if you are happy with charging slow and don't do serious kilometres every day then a standard power point will do the job (as long as your switchboard isn't from the 1950s). On the other hand, if you need to charge fast or are doing a lot of kilometres every day, upgrading to 3-phase power and a new switchboard may be the way to go.  

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Andrew and Alex were very professional and friendly, they took measures to not leave mess and tidied up after themselves. They were thorough in asking if we wanted switches changed etc to look the best. We love our new fans and bathroom heating light. Thank you
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