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Choosing Luno Electrical in Mont Albert is aligning with a team attuned to the suburb’s serene vibe. From Churchill Street homes to Mont Albert Road businesses, Luno ensures excellence. They blend contemporary electrical solutions with Mont Albert’s calm essence, maintaining its unique charm. Luno’s eco-friendly approach echoes the area’s green ethos, especially seen in places like Kingsley Gardens. With Luno, you’re not just getting service, but a partner who cherishes Mont Albert’s distinctiveness.

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Hey Mont Albert folks! Our sparkling 5-star Google rating, backed by over 100 reviews, speaks volumes about our work quality. As Master electricians, we’re just a ring away. Dial us up for a swift service and a complimentary quote.

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From setting up ceiling fans and air conditioning units to mounting your TV with flair, arranging those essential power points, or prepping your garage for some Tesla home charging action, we’ve got Mont Albert’s electrifying needs covered from A to Z.

Below is a quick snapshot of our most in-demand electrical services in Mont Albert. And for the eco-driven roadsters among you, be sure to catch our special section on Tesla electric vehicle charging installations.

Want to know your Tesla Home Charging Options in Mont Albert?

Tesla Home Charging Calculator

What are your Tesla home charging alternatives?

We know it can be confusing. Amps, Kilowatts, single phase, three phase.

What does it all mean and how does this affect my home charging setup?

Use our Tesla Home Charging calculator to workout what options you have and what is best for your situation.

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Tesla certified Installer

Tesla Wall Connector Installation.

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Great services and quality work! Had great experiences. Will need them forever~~~~
Amazing service - the guys were very professional, on time, replaced all my downlights super fast and overall were so nice (my dog also loved them!). Thanks again!!
Great service from Luno. Competent, friendly, good communication and cleaned up thoroughly after installing a new stove. Will definitely use them again.
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