Ceiling Fans Installation

Ceiling Fans Installation

Looking for Ceiling Fans installation in Melbourne?

We know just how unbearable those Australian summer months can be, with the heat and humidity on high. Now, there’s no more need to escape to the local beach or pools – Luno Electrical has got your ceiling fan needs covered! We’ve got fully licensed and trained local electricians who are ceiling fan experts, and after taking a look at your home, will know exactly what your space needs to get that cool breeze.

Read our guide below for useful tips on how to get the best ceiling fan installation.

Ceiling Fan Installation: Expert Tips and Insights from Luno Electrical

Author: Andrew, Founder and Director, Luno Electrical. Registered Master Electrician (no: 25989).


In Melbourne, where the climate can range from scorching summers to chilly winters, a ceiling fan isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity for comfort and energy efficiency. At Luno Electrical, we understand the importance of a well-installed ceiling fan. Our team of experts ensures not only a stylish addition to your room but also a safe and functional one.

The Essentials of Ceiling Fan Installation

When it comes to ceiling fan installation, the precision of the job can make all the difference. A well-anchored and safely installed fan is crucial, especially given Melbourne’s varied climate. Our services include ceiling fans installation, where we ensure each fan is not only aesthetically pleasing but also mounted and wired correctly for long-term use. We provide free quotes if you’d like to discuss your porject.

Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan

Selecting the right ceiling fan for your home is a mix of art and science. Factors like room size, decor style, blade count, and energy efficiency are crucial. Luno Electrical offers a wide range of ceiling fans suitable for any Melbourne home, whether you’re looking for something modern or traditional, energy-efficient or with an integrated lighting fixture.

Types of Ceiling Fans

Installation Process Overview

Our skilled electricians take care of the entire installation process. From preparing the necessary tools to attaching blades and ensuring the correct electrical connections, every step is handled with precision. Learn more about our comprehensive services and how we can enhance your home’s electrical system.

The Role of Professional Electricians

Why choose Luno Electrical? Our team of experienced electricians brings not only technical expertise but also a commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. We ensure each installation meets the highest standards, providing peace of mind and quality service.

Common Ceiling Fan Issues and Troubleshooting

Even the best installations can encounter problems. Our maintenance services address common issues like wobbling, noise, and functionality. Regular check-ups and timely repairs are key to the longevity of your ceiling fan. For more complex issues, our emergency electricians are always ready to assist.

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Safety First: Ceiling Fan Installation and Electrical Safety

At Luno Electrical, safety is our top priority. Our electricians ensure that every installation complies with safety standards, reducing the risks associated with DIY projects. Trust our professionals for safe and efficient ceiling fan installations in your home.


Installing a ceiling fan in Melbourne requires more than just a good eye; it requires expertise, precision, and an understanding of local climate and safety standards. At Luno Electrical, we’re not just about providing electrical solutions; we’re about creating a comfortable and safe living environment for our clients.

We are happy to provide a free quote or contact us for a chat about your new ceiling fan.

Explore our range of services and learn how we can help you with not just ceiling fan installations but also lighting design, home renovations, power point installations, and more.


Key Point Summary

  • Safety and Precision: Essential for long-lasting and safe ceiling fan installation.
  • Choosing the Right Fan: Tailored selections to suit every Melbourne home’s needs.
  • Installation Process: Handled end-to-end by skilled electricians.
  • Professional Expertise: Quality and satisfaction guaranteed by Luno Electrical.
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance: Addressing common issues for optimal performance.
  • Safety First: Compliance with safety standards is a priority.
  • Comprehensive Services: Beyond installation, offering a full spectrum of electrical solutions.


For all your ceiling fan and electrical needs in Melbourne, turn to the experts at Luno Electrical. We’re here to ensure your home is cool, comfortable, and safe year-round.

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Ceiling Fan Installation FAQs

When selecting a ceiling fan, consider the size of your room, the height of your ceilings, the style that matches your decor, energy efficiency, and additional features like integrated lighting or remote control. Luno Electrical offers a range of options suitable for different needs and preferences.

Yes, it's highly recommended to hire a professional electrician for ceiling fan installation. This ensures the fan is installed safely and complies with local electrical codes. Luno Electrical's team of expert electricians can handle the installation efficiently and safely.

The duration of ceiling fan installation can vary depending on the complexity of the job. On average, it takes a few hours. However, factors like additional wiring or special requirements for the fan model can extend the installation time.

Absolutely! Luno Electrical is equipped to handle ceiling fan installations in both commercial and residential settings. Our experienced team can advise on the best solutions for various spaces and ensure professional installation.

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the blades and checking for any loose fittings, is important for the longevity and efficiency of your ceiling fan. If you encounter any issues, our team is available for repairs and maintenance.

Yes, there are energy-efficient ceiling fans that can help reduce your energy bills and environmental footprint. Luno Electrical can assist in selecting and installing energy-efficient models that suit your specific needs.

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Andrew and the team installed a Tesla wall charger at my home. They did an outstanding job and went over and above to make sure everything was done professionally and worked properly. Before finding Luno I spoke to many electricians and they often hadn’t done an electric car home charger installation before and didn’t seem to know what was involved. Andrew and the team at Luno quickly put me at ease because it was clear they knew how to install electric car charging. Would highly recommend.
Andrew and Alex were very professional and friendly, they took measures to not leave mess and tidied up after themselves. They were thorough in asking if we wanted switches changed etc to look the best. We love our new fans and bathroom heating light. Thank you
Amazing service - the guys were very professional, on time, replaced all my downlights super fast and overall were so nice (my dog also loved them!). Thanks again!!
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