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The condition of the electrical wiring in your home is of the utmost importance. Was your property built before 1960? It is possible that your property has unsafe electrical wiring and will be required to be assessed for a rewire with a house wiring electrician in Melbourne.

Many domestic installations wired before 1960 have potentially deadly VR (Vulcanised Indian Rubber) and TRS (Tough rubber sheathed) cables of some form. This wiring has exceeded its serviceable life and poses a risk of electrocution of homeowners and persons entering the roof space or underfloor area.

VIR and TRS wiring systems pose a risk because the standards of the day did not require earthing conductors to be insulated or installed. They were not designed to handle increasing household power demands and do not meet the current electrical safety standards. Very often the high temperatures in roof spaces or excessive circuit loading may cause the wire to overheat and lead to the insulation deteriorating.

Don’t wait until it is too late! Contact Luno Electrical today to have your property assessed by an experienced house wiring electrician to provide you with a solution that will help keep you, your family and your staff safe.

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