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Seeking split air conditioner installation in Melbourne?

Split System air conditioner installation Melbourne is just another way we provide solutions at Luno Electrical. The solution to staying cool in our long summer months and warm during the dark cold winters in Melbourne, whether you are at home or work.

Read our guide below for everything you need to know about split system air conditioning installation.

Cool Comfort: A Homeowner's Guide to Split System Air Conditioning Installation

Author: Andrew, Founder and Director, Luno Electrical. Registered Master Electrician (no: 25989).

Feeling the heat? Or maybe you’re just trying to break the ice with your new home? Either way, a split system air conditioner is a chill choice for keeping your living space comfy and cool. This nifty gadget is making waves in Australia, where the sun often has no chill. But fear not, because where there’s a will, there’s a way to stay cool!

Understanding Split System Air Conditioning

A split system air conditioner is like a good friendship – it’s all about the right connection. The indoor unit and the outdoor unit work together like peas in a pod, one chilling inside while the other takes the heat outside. It’s a cool way to keep your indoors comfortable without making much noise about it!

  • Energy Efficiency: These cool companions are known for not burning much energy while they work. They chill only the area you want, not the entire neighborhood. That’s what we call a cool, cost-effective buddy!

  • Sleek Design: With their modern and sleek design, split systems are the silent but cool type, making them the perfect addition to your contemporary home.

Key Point Summary
Efficient Cooling A cool way to control your indoor temperature without breaking the bank
Design Modern design that stays cool under the radar

Choosing the Right Split System

Choosing the right split system is like dating – you want a cool companion who’s just the right fit for you. Here’s how to find ‘the one’:

  • Size of the Space: Size matters when it comes to cooling. It’s really important to match the dimensions of your space to the cooling capacity of your split system air conditioning unit. Otherwise you either won’t be able to cool your place properly on those hot Melbourne days or your unit will need to work extra hard to keep up. Luno Electrical can help make sure you install the right size unit and avoid a costly mistake.

  • Energy Efficiency Ratings: A higher rating means your cool companion is an energy saver. It’s like having a partner who remembers to turn off the lights!

  • Brand Reputation: Go for brands that have a cool reputation, you don’t want a hot-headed air conditioner on your hands.


The Installation Process

Now that you’ve picked your cool companion, it’s time to move to the next base – installation. And just like a dance, it’s all about the right moves!

  • Assessment: Before you hit the dance floor, a professional will scout the area to find the perfect spot for your indoor and outdoor units. It’s like finding the right dance space to groove!

  • Installation of Indoor and Outdoor Units: The indoor unit takes the wallflower spot while the outdoor unit likes to party outside. Together, they make a cool dance duo!

  • Electrical Connections: The sparks will fly, but in a safe way, as a licensed electrician ensures all connections are secure and up to Aussie standards.

  • Testing: Once the setup is done, it’s time for a test dance to make sure everything moves smoothly.

  • Demonstration: And of course, a little demo to show you the ropes of your new cool gadget!

Key Point Summary
Professional Installation If you combine installing the unit in the right location with compliance with all safety regulations you'll ensure a cool setup.
Testing and Demonstration Ensuring everything is chill before the party starts

Maintenance for Long-term Efficiency

Keep the cool vibes going with regular maintenance. It’s like having a spa day for your split system!

  • Regular Cleaning: A clean filter is a happy filter. Regular cleaning is like giving your system a refreshing spa day!

  • Servicing: A yearly checkup with a pro keeps the groovy vibes going strong.

  • Prompt Repairs: If something seems off-beat, get it fixed pronto to keep the cool tunes playing smoothly.

Key Point Summary
Regular Maintenance Keep the cool vibes alive with regular TLC
Professional Servicing A yearly tune-up to keep the rhythm going

The Chilling Conclusion!

Keeping cool in Australia is no joke, but with the right split system air conditioner, it can be a breeze! From choosing the right system, ensuring a smooth installation, to regular maintenance, every step is crucial for a chill lifestyle. Let Luno Electrical guide you through the cool journey of split system air conditioning installation, and you’ll be chilling in no time!

Luno Electrical is here to provide professional assistance for your split system air conditioning installation. We’ll help ensure you pick the right sized unit for your space so you save time and money. Most importantly, you’ll remain cool for the summer! Our team of experienced Master Electricians are ready to address your electrical needs promptly and efficiently. Whether it’s installing a split system air conditioning unit, installing lighting or a significant electrical emergency, we are just a call away. Reach out to us today to ensure a safe and secure electrical environment in your home or business.

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Split system air conditioning installation FAQs

Well, split systems are like the cool kids on the block. They are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and give you the power to control the temperature in different rooms. So, you can chill in the living room while your bedroom takes a warm nap. They are also much quieter than their rowdy cousin, the window air conditioner. Just like a good neighbour, they’re seen but not heard.

The installation of a split system air conditioner is a bit like setting up a dance floor. First, a professional will scout the area to find the perfect spot for the indoor and outdoor units to groove. Then, they'll secure the units, make sure all electrical connections are safe and sound, and test the system to ensure everything moves smoothly. Finally, they’ll give you a demo to show you how to keep the cool vibes going.

We hate saying 'it depends' but in this case we have to. The final price needs to include the price of the unit itself, the installation labor, and any materials needed for the disco party to begin. We are experts in split system air conditioning installation and we'll be able to give you a free fixed price quote quickly. 

Choosing the right size is all about matching your dance floor's size with the right beat. The size of a split system is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) which determines how much cold or hot air comes out of each unit. We can help you pick a unit with the right BTUs to ensure everything works properly so give us a call for a free quote and some expert advice.

BTUs, or British Thermal Units, are like the horsepower for your air conditioner. They tell you how much cool or hot air your unit can pump out. Just like you wouldn't bring a bicycle to a drag race, you wouldn’t want a low BTU unit for a large space. So, understanding BTUs helps you pick the right-sized air conditioner for your space and ensures you’re not left sweating (or shivering). Of course, our experts can help you with this!

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